1.How can I check for the actual price of the items?

You may discover the price on our website and click on the Collection.

2.How long does the N U S H S E C R E T shoes last?

Our shoes will last up until 2 years to 4 years or longer depending on your care method and how often the shoes are used.

3.Does the shoe offer comfort?

Yes, it is. We’re having thick cushion on the sole to make sure that you will feels like walking in the cloud and having insole served a comfortable Antonia lining for freedom from any constraint and blister.

4.What kind of material that have been used?

Most of our shoes made up of synthetic leather/faux leather/silky faux leather/satin. On the sole part, we’re using synthetic leather and as for insole served a comfortable Antonia lining.

5.How about the quality of the shoes?

For your information, our shoes are handmade and 100% made in Malaysia. We assured that we had the premium quality among the rest due to the meticulously handmade by local experiences cobblers with great attention to detail.

6.What’s the size conversion that N U S H S E C R E T been used to?

We are mainly using Euro size conversion for all of our shoes. You may refer to our size measurement if you are unsure about your size and to determine your correct shoe size.

7.Does the shoe fit to true size?

Yes, it is. Our shoes are exceptionally made to fit most of Asian foot size. Those has a standard and actual measurement like any local brand in Malaysia. Except for SELENA, we would advise you to have one size smaller if you had a pair of narrow feet. For those who had a pair of normal or wider feet, you may proceed with your actual size.

8.What’s the width measurement of N U S H S E C R E T shoes?

Actually you may refer your actual sizes as we are designing the shoes exceptionally for most of Asian feet. So, it will fit as normal cutting and suitable for most narrow nor wide feet. That’s the reason we don’t provide the width measurement as the heels were for Asian cutting.

9.How many days it takes for the item to arrive?

We usually process the order and packaging the goods within 1-2 working days after the purchased has been made and shipping will takes 1-3 working days to your doorstep. Meanwhile, delivery for overseas customers will takes about 4-14 working days depending on the courier company.

10.Do you ship to Singapore/Brunei/Indonesia/International?

Yes! We do ship to Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and International as well. The charges will depends on the courier company based on the weight and size.

11.Does size exchange applicable?

You have right to ONLY return and proceed with size exchange if you find that the shoe doesn’t fits you perfectly or bigger than your actual size. No refund are allowed. Please read our Private Policy for detailed explanations.

12.How long it will take for sold out items to be back in stock?

For your information, sold out item will be ready within 3-5 weeks of its production. You may email us your name, contact number, email address, shoes name, colour and sizes at alert.nushsecret@gmail.com so that we could alert you when the stock is ready.

13.How if the size that I need for exchange unavailable on the website?

You can always proceed with the other size and colour that available at the time or wait for another new stock to be ready within 3-5 weeks. If you wish to exchange your current purchase with another designs, you may contact our Customer Service.

14.Can I change the colour/shade of the shoe?

Yes, you may proceed with colour exchange but it is depends on the colour/shade availability once we confirmed that we received the goods.

15.Do N U S H S E C R E T shoes have a warranty?

Yes, we do cover products by 2 weeks warranty against workmanship defects after the goods has arrived to your doorstep.

16.Can I return shoes after wearing them?

For your information, we do not allow any size or colour/shade exchange once you wore the shoe and you will not entitle to proceed with exchange at all. However, we accept the return if there’s have a strong reasonable workmanship defects ONLY that you can prove to us and we’ll replace with a new one.

17.Where can I sent the goods, if I fulfil all the conditions for size or colour/shade exchange? You are required to send the goods to:


No .6-3A-8, Queen’s Avenue, Jalan Bayam, Maluri, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

+6016 477 2778

18.Does the extra cost for size or colour/shade exchange incurred by me?

Yes, any request of size or colour/shade exchange will be fully borne by you including the delivery cost from your place to our address and from our place to you address. Item with weight below than 1kg will be charged MYR 15 as for exchange fees for Malaysian and overseas buyers will be depends on the courier company in their countries.

19.Do I need to send back the whole set of the product?

Yes, cards, tags, wraps, merchandise (if there any), silica gels and bubbles must be attached along with the product before you sending it back to us.

20.What if the item is damaged during the shipment process?

Please update our Customer Service and immediately send us the proof in terms of pictures and videos to +6016 477 2778. We will try our best to deal with the courier to provide compensation and we will replace your shoe.

21.Do I need to send pictures and videos of the goods before I ship the product?

Yes, you’re required to send us the proof of the defect product in terms of pictures and videos to our Customer Service before you sending the product back to us.

22.Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

Yes, we do offer Cash on Delivery within Klang Valley area and delivery charges will borne by you once you confirmed with your order.

23.What’s the conditions of Cash on Delivery?

We usually request for a full payment to avoid any cancellation even though it was cash on delivery since we had to pay up the runner for delivery fee. That’s also noted that you are serious with the purchase and most importantly, item is all yours. The payment must be made via online. Please asks our Customer Service for more information’s.

24.Do you have physical store?

For your information, we do not own any physical shop at the moment as we are 100% based online. However, you can make an appointment a week earlier if you keen to come and try out our shoes by your own. Please contact our team at +6016 477 2778 to arrange the appointment.

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