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It’s a pleasant to have you on www.nushsecret.com website. All the access to this website for products viewing and purchasing on our website are based on the Terms and Conditions along with your agreement while visiting this site. This website is completely handled by N U S H  S E C R E T. If you need help or anything related to our products, kindly tap on Contact Us area, as you are able to seek information regarding your orders, shipping, refunds and returning products purchased on N U S H  S E C R E T. If you seek for another legal protocol, you may check Private Policy of N U S H  S E C R E T. If there is any alteration or improvement on our Terms and Conditions, we are bound to let our user know on our Home Page on www.nushsecret.com. You are advised to read out our Terms and Conditions frequently to make sure that you understand the rules and regulation. If in case you disagree with our Terms and Condition, you are free to not use and surf on our website. All access to our website is exclusively for personal purposes only and not linked to any business nor professional purposes as you will be legally responsible and blameworthy for any plagiarism.

Understand our Private Policy

We would like to suggest you to read the Private Policy that may allow user to access to www.nushsecret.com even the users are not purchasing any of our product. Our Private Policy will assist you to get to know how and all basis why N U S H  S E C R E T obtains and utilizes your information details.

Intellectual Property and Copyrights

Every single content contains and show on this site, such as compositions, concepts, ideas, sketches, visions, photographs, tones, plays, tapes, forms, numbers, symbols, logos, web pages, shades, designs, illustrations, devices, fonts, drafts, shapes, procedures, operations, capabilities and programs all knowns as content are the belongings of N U S H  S E C R E T either Contributor as secured by mainland, universal copyright and intellectual laws. You are not allowed to copy and imitated any part of the site content without any permission of N U S H  S E C R E T. Contributor have all the right to disallow the acts of duplication of any content of N U S H  S E C R E T. Contributor also have the right to legitimatize of all the content appear on this site. If there’s any exploitation of any content, the Contributor allowed to take a legal action based on the laws at the time.

The Usage of www.nushsecret.com link

If you wish to put link of our website on any part of the social media that are accessible to the public, you are at least need contact with our customer service for the permission and the uses of the link are chargeless and do not involved any cost. We also have the right to take you to the laws if there any fraud other than marketing and promoting purposes made by you towards our homepage link and also our brand.

Our Link on the Other Web Page

Maybe there are links of connected to www.nushsecret.com that are not handle and related to www.nushsecret.com either the Contributor as we had no supervision with the third party sites. We are not responsible for any uses of private information as you drop by to the unrecognized site. Always be cautious and read all the terms and conditions when you visiting unrelated site that purposely linked to www.nushsecret.com. All the terms and conditions only valid within www.nushsecret.com site as we allowed links to other sites especially to assist our customers moving from one site to another site for their payment process and any confidential purposes.

Content Availability on Our Website

We can’t promise whether all contents display on www.nushsecret.com are appropriate and suitable enough to be use and display in another country outside of Malaysia as the contents however will meet the standard. Kindly avoid from using the site if you find that the contents are not suitable and irrelevant to be view and nevertheless it will be your responsibility for any misleading if you are still wish to access to the site. We do not assure that this website will continuously functioning without any disruption due to the internet connection or within the huge amount of traffic hit and requests. You may reach our Customer Service if there anything regarding to the website and to help you to restore your access. However, you are grant to access to www.nushsecret.com in the absence of disruption with all the security provided to prevent the website from unauthorized entries.

E-Commerce Transaction Principle

From the beginning, all the process including inserting information, purchasing and payment are conducted online as the website are only applicable for consumer to proceed with purchase and payment. As we all know, consumers are end user who are interested in our product and keenness to purchase. The process of commercial transaction conducted electronically as the Contributor will automatically help N U S H  S E C R E T to assist all the orders we received and process the orders until the product have been ship out.

Regulations Law Applied

The terms and conditions are bound to be used and apply for each of the designation of website stated by Malaysia rules and regulation for e-commerce business and laws.

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